Helping to heal one individual at a time...while changing the minds of millions.

Dedicated to helping individuals and their families fight eating disorders and transition into the recovery process.

Eating Disorder Program

Our out-patient program has an individualized approach to treating the spectrum of eating disorders. We believe how one struggles with their disorder and navigates to recovery varies. This is the reason the "Sacker Center" is uniquely structured with two specialists of different genders, different ages & diverse perspectives that can adjust treatment based on the individual's needs.

This program was started by Medical Director, Ira M. Sacker, MD, internationally known expert in the field of eating disorders for over 35 years. Dr. Sacker is the author of Regaining Your Self and co-author of Dying To Be Thin. Clinical Director, Laura D. McDonald, MS, LMHC specializes in eating disorders, trauma, addictions, bereavement & grief for over 10 years.

Our program consists of assessments, individual therapy, family therapy, and couples therapy with New York offices located in Manhattan and Long Island.

Expanded Services

We are now offering:

Medical Nutrition: Balance nutrition through metabolic and hormonal evaluations. Offering individualized food plans and management of weight-loss or weight-gain.

Loss & Trauma: Focus on individuals that have gone through the bereavement process of someone dying or the impact of death of a loved one. Additional focus on facing the core issues of trauma from physical, emotional, verbal, and/or sexual abuse.

Life After Recovery: Approach to dealing with puberty, marriage, pregnancy, peri-menopause and other transitions that occur after recovery from an eating disorder.