Success Stories

"My treatment team, Dr. Ira Sacker & Laura McDonald have helped me with understanding the importance of setting boundaries and learning how to say "no!" The truth that I cannot change the past and allowing myself to accept what happened was a huge part in my healing. I understand it's not my fault and letting go of the past has made me stronger. Finally I have learned it's not my job to save the world, that I cannot please everyone, and I should focus more on making myself happy!!"

"Dr. Sacker and his team impacted my life permanently. He welcomes you and treats you not like a patient but a person."

"I had silently been abusing my body for the past decade. The severity of the problem hit home when I was told by another doctor that I would not be able to have children. With Dr. Sacker's expertise and years of experience, he guided me step by step into recovery. His constant commitment is unheard of in today's world of medicine and this unique approach was key in my healing process. To make a long story short, my husband and I have been blessed with what I like to call my beautiful miracle baby."

"My journey with Dr. Sacker started when I was an angry, sad and confused 18 year old. Together I have grown into a mature, happy, competent and stronger person. Without Dr. Sacker, I am not sure if my outlook on life would have been as upbeat, prosperous and rich."

"Treatment is based on getting to know me as an individual. As well as guiding me to find my true identity. I am more secure, confident and most importantly I found my voice."

"I struggled with anorexia for over 20 years before I was ready to get help. Dr. Sacker and Ms. McDonald have a unique understanding of the underlying issues that surround the eating disorder thought process. It was this understanding and empathy that allowed for me to develop a sense of trust that was essential to my recovery."

"Dr. Ira Sacker helped me to find my voice and develop the courage to use it!"

"I struggled with bulimia and over-exercising through high school and college, feeling like there was no hope. I was in and out of in-patient programs multiple times and I did not believe recovery was real. Thankfully I was wrong, recovery is real."

"My voice was silenced for years from trauma. I was a target for bullies, jokes and insults because of what I looked like in the mirror. I eventually changed that reflection, that was so hated. The hardest part was not creating the physical change, it was learning how to not live in silence and stop listening to haters."

"Thank you, Dr. Sacker for arming my daughter and our family with the knowledge, tools, strength and compassion you have given us over the years. My daughter overcoming an eating disorder was one of the most difficult periods in our family's lifetime."