Helpful Resources and Information

Academy for Eating Disorders (AED)
AED is a global professional association committed to leadership in eating disorders research, education, treatment and prevention.
The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness
The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness (The Alliance) was created as a source of community outreach, education, awareness, and prevention of the various eating disorders currently plaguing our nation.
The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, Inc. (ANAD)
ANAD is a non-profit dedicated to the prevention and alleviation of eating disorders since 1976.
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
EDReferral is the most comprehensive and easiest to search database of anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorder treatment professionals in the world!
Eating Disorders Coalition (EDC)
EDC is a federal advocacy organization for eating disorders. Our mission is to advance the federal recognition of eating disorders as a public health priority.
Eating Disorder Hope
Eating Disorder Hope offers education, support, and inspiration to eatng disorder sufferers, their loved ones, and eating disorder treatment providers.
Eating Disorder Information Network (EDIN)
EDIN is a nonprofit organization committed to the prevention of all types of disordered eating and the promotion of positive body-esteem through education, outreach and action.
Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders (FEAST)
FEAST is an international organization for parents and caregivers. Information and support for evidence-based treatment and advocating for research and education to reduce the suffering associated with eating disorders.
Gurze Books
Gurze Books is dedicated to providing quality information on eating disorders recovery, research, education, advocacy and prevention, since 1980.
International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP)
IAEDP is recognized for its excellence in providing first-quality education and high-level training standards to an international multidisciplinary group of various healthcare treatment providers and helping professions, who treat the full spectrum of eating disorder problems.
National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)
NEDA supports individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures and access to quality care.
Something Fishy
Something Fishy is dedicated to raising awareness and providing support to people with Eating Disorders, and their loved-ones, since 1995.