Sacker Center Services

Individual Therapy: We see patients who want individual help for their disorder. We work in a highly confidential and trustworthy manner. Our goal is to create an individualized treatment approach that meets the needs for each patient.

Family Therapy: We understand that family dynamics break down when a family member is affected by a disorder. Family members who are included in their loved one's treatment will be provided with practical communication skills to assist with rebuilding their family system.

Couples Therapy: We know the emotional strain a disorder can have on a couple. Our goal is to help couples work together in the treatment, so one does not lose sight of their relationship or marriage vision – the hopes and dreams that brought the couple together in the first place.

Creative Arts Therapy: We offer a variety of creative arts therapies such as art, music, and writing as a means to assist in accessing and expressing thoughts and feelings. The goal is to promote self-expression and self-awareness.

Intake Assessments: We provide an initial session that assesses if the patient is medically stable to seek out-patient treatment. If the patient is medically stable we create a treatment program that is individualized to their needs. Further discussion during this assessment involves prior mental health history, review of past and current medical history. We gather input from family members who attend, and further input from the individuals themselves of why they are seeking treatment and where they currently are in their struggle.